Support Your City

Invest in culture

Culture sets a city apart and makes it unique. When you support the Redding Civic, you are choosing to invest in Redding as it becomes a healthy, vibrant culture. Donations allow us to grow this momentum through renovations, upgrades, and improvements. We want to have the best facility possible so we  can continue to host top events and build the future of our city.

The Redding Civic aka The Civic has been doing a great job lately of getting in a variety of shows that we’ve wanted to see (Jim Gaffigan, Alton Brown). Plus the current operator has made a lot of interior updates, such as a coffee bar. Plus they’re still hosting a variety of local events like ReddTowne Market, dance recitals, and more. If you’re in town, make sure to check out their calendar to see what’s on tap during your stay.
— Megan C.